Lake Ammer

Of all the Upper Bavarian lakes, Lake Ammer is considered a great tip when it comes to a recreation area for both families and individualists.

Lake Ammer

  • Segelboote bei Sonnenuntergang ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Ammermündung am Ammersee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Biergarten am Ammersee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Segelboote auf dem Ammersee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Segelboote vor Herrsching ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Bootshaus in Herrsching am Ammersee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land

With its pristine natural setting and its countless swimming opportunities, the Lake Ammer offers an abundance of activities and events.

The nature preserve Seeholz, located between Utting and Riederau, is ideal for bicycle tours and shorter hikes. Bird lovers are also guaranteed a good time given the fact that about 200 species of birds live or rest here.

Culture enthusiasts will also not be short of things to do on Lake Ammer. One of the main attractions is Andechs Monastery, situated high above the lake. Then there is the town of Dießen, an art-historical highlight on the banks of the lake, with its arts and crafts and its cathedral, the Marienmünster.

Lake Ammer is famous far and wide as a Mecca for lovers of windsurfing and sailing. In the summer months, water-sports fans gravitate towards the Bay of Herrsching, which has perfect conditions when the wind is from the west.