Castle of Seefeld

  • Schloss Seefeld am Pilsensee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Sonnenaufgang am Campingplatz Pilsensee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Innenhof von Schloss Seefeld ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land

The castle “Schloss Seefeld“ is in private ownership and cannot be visited from the inside. Yet there is a castle restaurant as well as many welcoming boutiques and ateliers from local artists.

The castle is the location for regular cultural events such as cabaret, literature lectures and concerts.

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Schlosshof 7
82229 Seefeld

Telefon: +49 8152 7232