Ceramics, tins and more

Ceramics, tin and more

In the five lake region big emphasis is put on vibrant arts and cultural history. In the area you find many stores with artistic goods and you have the chance to visit the craftsmen in their workshops. The craftsmanship has been playing a major role in the culture around Lake Ammer and is also beyond the borders of Upper Bavaria considered as a main destination for arts and painting collectors. In terms of ceramics, the pottery market in Diessen is one of the highlights of the year. The “Gewerkhaus Diessen” welcomes lovers of handicraft products all year round.  

The “KUNSTHALLESchlossSeefeld” is an impressive platform for contemporary art. At the castle many artisans and artists create a variety of arts and culture in a majestic ambiance. By the lakeshore of Lake Starnberg the artisans market “KreARTiv takes place once a year in Höhenrieds castle and attracts many guests.