Castle of Seefeld

Schloss Seefeld am Pilsensee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land

Shopping & Business

You instantly think of flourishing hills, dapper crafts, rich meals, dispersal, arts and culture. All that can be found at “Schloss Seefeld”. In the summer and winter artists’ workshops invite you to their exclusive boutiques with their unique offer of beautiful items for rummaging and shopping - no matter if inside the archway, around the very well preserved access yard or the adjoining stables.

That way “Schloss Seefeld” is a trip for all senses to a landmark of contemporary lifestyle. Since the 12th century the castle near “Pilsensee” (Lake Pilsen) has been the cultural and administrative center of the Toerring-Jettenbach dynasty”. The romantic castle complex with it´s medieval charm is pictorially located in the “Five Lake Region”.

This sight is only a 30 minute drive away from downtown Munich.

It´s worth a visit  – Anytime!