• SissiS Geschenkbox ©SissiS -Bischoff Schraml
  • SissiS Jagerkugeln ©SissiS -Bischoff Schraml
  • SissiS_BussiS ©SissiS Bischoff Schraml
  • SissiS Spirituosen ©SissiS - Bischoff Schraml
  • SissiS Schnapskisterl ©SissiS -Bischoff Schraml


Spiritous beverages. Wine. Confectionery. Accessoires. Gifts.

SissiS offers a constantly increasing offer of delights with a regional connection to the beautiful alpine upland, in memory of one of our most glamorous  historic personalities.

She is considered one of the most glittering personalities of her time and is always good for a surprise, also more than hundred years after her death: Elisabeth, duchess of Bavaria, known as Sisi.

SissiS is a brand for exquisite luxury foods with regional focus created by two traditionally-minded and innovative friends from Pöcking-Possenhofen.

The assortments consist of:

Confectionary: SissiS BussiS is a homage to the sweet life. In the chocolate manufactory they created a praline as well as the SissiS Jagerkugel – a ball of finest “Elisen” ginger bread on a stick with a shot of Jagertee.

Spiritous beverages: The SissiS Jagertee, a traditional alpine beverage, will brighten up the winter season. One should also try the schnapps from the wooden barrels – fruity, aromatic and particularly mild flavor due to the ageing in barrels.

Wine: SissiS Edelweiß Edition combines lightness, freshness and convinces with brilliant aroma.

Accessoires: Classy SissiS-wine glasses by SCHOTTZWIESEL round off the perfect wine pleasure. SissiS- poloshirts and bags show to everyone, that you have a sense of good taste.

Gifts: SissiS silver treasure box is a selection of the most beautiful items from the selection. In Sissis Schapsbox you can find hot liquor for cold days. If that made you curious and you would like to try you are welcome to order the “Schnapsbox”. With SissiS gift box all creative have the chance to assemble the contents themselves.

All you have to do is put your favorite products and the gift box into the shopping cart and everything will be packed for you.