Boat Trips

Boat trips on Lake Starnberg and on Lake Ammer are offered by the Bayerische Seenschifffahrt Company from Easter until mid-October.

Lake Cruises

  • Sonnendeck MS Starnberg Ammerland ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Salon des Raddampfers Dießen ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • MS Starnberg vor Zugspitze ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Raddampfer Dießen auf dem Ammersee ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land
  • Kreuzfahrtflair auf der Starnberg ©Tourismusverband Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land

A round trip allows a new perspective on the sights around the lakes. You pass Andechs Monastery and Marienmünster on Lake Ammer or Rose Island and the castles on Lake Starnberg, especially on clear days with foehn winds the Alps are setting up spectacular scenery.

Charter and extra tours are possible during the whole season, partial charter is possible during the regular trips and according to the scheduled assignment of ships both on Lake Ammer and on Lake Starnberg.

The Bayerische Seenschifffahrt Company provides theme tours from June until September, such as brunch tours, historical tours or ball tours.